Graffiti is an expensive burden for any community and depending on its intended use can lead to criminal activity. In communities it can lower property values, generate expensive repair costs and can hurt an organisations corporate identity or branding. It has become pure vandalism and a blight on our community and hurts South Africa’s image from a tourism perspective. GPX in conjunction with the Government Works Programs have developed job creation opportunities through the safe use of its graffiti removal product/s.


EDS Chemicals (Pty) Ltd has a growing range of products, developed by chemical engineering specialists who are passionate about pioneering valuable new materials and techniques to service households, the hospitality industry, the food industry, commercial as well as light and heavy industry. Our management team who has vast experience in mining, logistics, agriculture, retail, food/hospitality, and Government, i.e. works programs and agents nationally understand the urgent need for easy to use alternative solutions, hence the release of GPX Graffiti Remover.




· Supply of GPX into DCS,
· Supply of GPX Public Works,
· Supply of GPX into Transnet and Spoornet,
· Youth work programmes to clean communities,
· Supply of GPX into municipalities to remove graffiti.